Resident at Google X, Project Taara

This year, I am working with the team Taara at Google X as a PhD resident to come up with agile solutions for diverse problems using ML techniques. The main focus is to build predictive models and causal inference models using time-series data.

Privacy Research at Amazon AWS

This Summer, I had an opportunity to work with a research team at Amazon AWS to develop differentially private algorithms for SageMaker. This work has been published in NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Trustworthy and Socially Responsible Machine Learning (TSRML).


Won the First Prize at the City Robotics Hackathon at Media Lab

City Robotics Group in the MIT Media Lab held a design•a•hack•a•thon in collaboration with US San Diego Design Lab. The theme was designing a socially intelligent system for the future city mobility. My team designed a bicycle helmet that can work as a platform for V2V interaction in the future. With an optimistic mindset towards the …

Collaborative Research Network Analysis: A Case Study of Harvard’s Biomedical Research Community

The high quality of medical care in our society is built upon the creation of scientific knowledge generated from medical research. While there has been a growth of network literature and research examining both citation and co-author networks across various academic fields, there continue to be important questions that remain to be further investigated, including …

Won a Prize at the Microsoft Machine Learning Accessibility Hackathon

Machine Learning Accessibility Hackathon was held on Monday, June 11th at Microsoft New England R&D Center in Cambridge. The goal of this hackathon was to create solutions that promote accessibility and inclusion. My team worked on a problem regarding American Sign Language and was led by Danielle Bragg, University of Washington/Microsoft Research, and Dr. Naomi Caselli, Boston University. …